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In-House Education

National Teaching and Advisory Service

Cove Care works in partnership with the National Teaching and Advisory Service (NT&AS) for Looked After Children and Children in Need, which focuses on the inclusion of looked after children within mainstream education. All young people at the Placement will receive direct input from NT&AS teachers, and will thereby have the best chance to realise their educational potential.

An initial assessment will determine the basis of the young person's education report and inform strategies to support educational inclusion. A personal educational plan will be devised by the young person themselves, the Cove keyworker, Social Worker and NT&AS teacher and this will identify a full time educational placement. Once this is established, the young person is supported by staff at the Placement and the NT&AS casework service, which will liaise and support the mainstream educational staff in maintaining inclusion for the young person.

Next Steps Life Skills and Training

Cove Care has recently started to work in partnership with Next Steps Life Skills and Training, an organisation that offers a comprehensive and unique education program for care professionals working with children and young people in the residential setting. Next Steps Life Skills and Training provides a range of units on every subject relevant to children and young people's development from learning to tell the time to puberty. The units offered are accredited by AQA, the largest exam board accreditation centre in England; which means that the qualifications gained by children and young people at Cove Care will be recognised by education institutions and employers.

The qualifications offered by Next Steps Life Skills and Training are unique in offering a bespoke frame work for development that is service focused to meet the specific needs of every child or young person.

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